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Helping Australians become financially free through independent, unbiased
property advice.We are a full-service property investment advisory. Over the
years the Multi Award Winning Team at NS Town Planning have bought, sold,
financed, developed, advised, negotiated for and project managed hundreds and
hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property transactions to create
substantial wealth for their clients. And we can do the same for you.
Why NS Property Planning
We help our clients create financial independence by building lasting wealth
through growing a high-performing property portfolio. While NS Town Planning
provides a full-range of professional services, you can choose to use some of
our services or the complete “one stop shop.”
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Explore Your Opportunities

Free Property Briefings
At NS Town Planning, we regularly conduct property briefings for home buyers and investors in the boardrooms of our Melbourne, Brisbane offices.
Learn about the market
We conduct interactive and educational sessions.Would you like to know how much you can borrow? What’s going on in your local market?We discuss some current property opportunities and go through a number of case studies to show you how you can take advantage of the current property markets.
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