NS Properties's Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us and NS Properties will always act to protect your information. NS Properties takes this responsibility seriously and is very careful about how and when your personal information is collected, used and shared. This statement tells you in general terms what our commitment is, why we need to collect personal information, who we may share that information with (outside of NS Properties) and how you may access personal information that we keep.

NS Properties's Privacy Commitment

We will always make sure that we handle your personal information securely and carefully and will only use your personal information when it is necessary for us to deliver you a service or perform other necessary business functions and activities NS Properties will not use your information for purposes unrelated to the services we provide, unless we first obtain your consent Wherever possible NS Properties will give you the option of interacting anonymously with us provided it is practicable and lawful to do so We will always use fair and lawful means of collecting personal information In most circumstances we will collect personal information directly from you.

What personal information do we collect

The personal information we collect is supplied directly by you. The type of service or interaction you wish to receive will determine the specific type of information we need to collect. This may include the following: Name, address, phone and other contact details (fax, email etc), merchandise information (purchases, orders etc), and method of payment.

Why we collect information

We collect information for a number of reasons including to:
• deliver products or services to you
• improve our service
• protect against fraud or theft
• Provide offers that are of greater interest or benefit to you

How we collect this information

We collect information in a number of ways including:
• When you register your details with us to receive product information
• When you order goods or services

Who we share your information with

NS Properties does not sell your personal information with other parties.


If you would like to access your personal information, call our Customer Service Department on +61 3 . Our Customer Service Representative will verify your identity before giving you the access to your personal information.

Direct marketing

If you do not wish to be contacted by NS Properties (about marketing, special offers or other contacts), please call our Customer Service Department on 03.

NS Properties Policies and Practices

From time to time and in line with customer expectations and legislative changes, our privacy policies and procedures will be reviewed and, if appropriate, updated. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be obtained by calling our Customer Service Department on +61 3.

NS Properties Refund Policy

You can request a replacement or full refund within 30 days of purchase if our products fail to perform as represented by us.

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