We have worked extremely hard and smart to make the building permit process much more efficient while obtaining better results. The on-line system we have created is simply exciting while being completly informative, efficient and thorough.

The general ideals for this process is:

1.Creating a system that is completely efficient – this is done by fully automated process – from on-line quotes done by the client (with instant acceptance, payment etc) to the automatic notification of all the contractors or responsible parties of their steps immediately once the prior step is done. This means that the second that the prior step is completed, the following step is automatically actioned. All contractors have deadlines and penalties for late works. All contractors have all documents and data noted on-line so there are no delays with awaiting information or retutned phone calls. NS Town Planning have created a very detailled and thorough process for all Building Permit steps. If there is a “chance” that the building surveyor will ask for a step, we will generally do it from the start. This saves delays. Due to this well thought out system, a very strategic step by step process has been created to keep efficiency at the forefront.

2.Communication, communication, communication – nothing is better for good relationships than good communication. This on-line system will keep you fully informed 24 hours a day. This is done via: a) Automatically generated emails at the end of every step so you are fully notified of the process. b) Gantt Charts / Time Lines – this new process that we have developed will keep you informed by indicating what the origional expected completetion date is / was in relation to the current expected date (updeated in real time). In addtion to this, it will show what has been done, what is still to come and what stage of the process or what contractor was overdue or early.

3.Full disclosure – all documentation is available for all contractors as well as yourself at any time. This saves requesting this and also makes it available to you anywhere in the world any time as long as you have internet connection.

4.Transparency – if you see what we see, and we have nothing to hide (good or bad), this only builds strong and trusting relationships. This is what this on-line site is all about.

Each Building Permit is often unique with what is required, however, the main core items do not change with any Building Permit application. NS Town Planning now have company policy where we make certain additional documentation or steps manditory. This is due to past knowlege and experience with how to make a project more efficient and more profitable.

The simple fact is that if you provide to Building Surveyor not just more, but more professional documented applications, the process will be better and much faster. See below a list of what we provide as a minimum requirement with notes on each. You can also see samples of each of these documents by clicking on the link at top of the page.


As a minimum, for a Building Permit application, you will require the following:


  • Soil Test Property Information
  • Engineeing Legal Point of Discharge
  • Drainage Plan Sewer / Easement Details
  • Working Drawings Warranty Insurance
  • Planning Certificate (or Town Planning Permit) Builders Registration details


Many applications will need additional information depending on the site constraints and what the project involves. These may include; build over easement applications, protection works notices, dual engineering certification etc etc.