Did you know?

The subdivision process is the most profitable part of land development.

A developer makes most of their profit / income from the “cutting up” of the land. By building on it, they will achieve another 5% – 15% (sometimes council will compulsorily require this to be done).

Therefore, in terms of profitability, in most cases it is always better to get more units on a site rather than make them larger or look more expensive.

The NS Town Planning Subdivision Experience?

Many people often confuse the subdivision stage with the town planning stage. However, they are two separate permits. The subdivision stage is the process of undertaking the steps required to have the land subdivided, ready for the issue of new titles. For a development of unit sites, the Town Planning permit is actually required before the subdivision permit (although both can be applied for at once to save time).

As is generally experienced with development sites (i.e. Multi unit developments where the developer looks to build units as well as subdivide), council want to see certain steps taken before they will issue the final “certificate of compliance” (which is then given to the titles office for title(s) issue).

These requirements are a combination of both the conditions noted on the town planning permit, as well as the subdivision permit.

These requirements are:

1. Landscaping

2. Drainage

3. Crossover(s)

4. All authority requirements (i.e. Waterboard, Power, Vicroads etc).

As a result, NS Town Planning have combined ALL these steps onto the one stage and contract meaning that ALL these requirements can be done efficiently and under the one contract that will be able to be funded by the bank. This contract (or quote) will cover all the necessary tasks from the actual documentation (including civil engineering), permit lodgement to all the required works, fees and contributions (as noted in the agreed quote / contract).

Unfortunately the subdivision process is a little harder to predict, as there are always external authorities that differ in their requirements while different areas require completely different tasks. While additional issues are often discovered here, the NS Town Planning Subdivision on-line process remains unchanged – an entirely interactive and efficient process with complete transparency. Once again, everything is made available on-line via our logon section, allowing greater control and access to all the information that is available to us.

How Subdivision works?

Subdivision is comprised of four main requirements:

1.Fieldwork and formal submission of proposed plans and surveys to council by a licensed land surveyor.

2.Council permit and the developer’s response to the required council conditions – these may include fees, legal agreements or actual tasks to be achieved before they will release a “Certificate of Compliance”.

3.Drawings – these may include civil engineering that covers drainage as well as any proposed internal roadways or common driveways. For larger development sites, electrical and Telstra drawings may also be required.

4.Works and upgrades as required by all the applicable authorities (e.g. Water Board, Power Authority, etc). During this stage the payment of contribution fees will be required in order for site works to be carried out to provide each site with its applicable services. At the completion of each authority’s requirements, you will be issued with a statement of compliance that will be sent to council.

Once these tasks are completed, and council receives statement of compliance letters from all relevant authorities, they are then in a position to issue a certificate of compliance. This certificate then gets lodged to the titles office for the issue of separate titles.

The process outlined above is a typical, straightforward one. Depending on how and when the permit is applied for different steps may be required to ensure a favourable outcome. For more information, please contact an NS Town Planning representative for details.